Hey, This is Sajib 🤝

I’m an Internet of Things (IoT) student at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, passionate about software, robotics, and AI.

My Playing Devices 📛

I frequently work with my kit/devices such as the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano, Raspberry Pi 3 B, Raspberry Pi 4 B, Raspberry Pi 5, and Galaxy RVR Robot.

NVIDIA Jeton Orin Nano Developer Kit, Galaxy RVR, Raspberry Pi 3 B, 4 B, 5.

My most recent project

A note a from from myself 📒

I always try to learn the key points of the subjects I study. I take some time to understand the topics before proceeding further. At the end of each workday, I often encounter coding errors, and I come home feeling tired. The next morning, I see it as another chance to solve the problem again. inlRI was speaking on course final presentation at Savonia UAS Even if I fail by the end of the day, I remain determined. The following day, I commit once more, believing that today will be the day I solve the problem, and eventually, I succeed. Once upon a time, I wondered why everything couldn’t be solved quickly and why projects couldn’t be completed in a short amount of time. However, I have since realized that every successful project takes time, and solving problems requires thorough study and patience.

My Little World 🌎

I began using Obsidian in May 2024, and it has been an incredible platform for note-taking and sharing with others. I plan to share my problem-solving notes, open-source code, and project information from my little world, offering insights from my unique perspective.

Testimonials from my Instructor & colleagues

Paavo Vartiainen: I instructed Sajib in the robotics commissioning and coding tasks at UEF Department of Technical Physics, HUMEA Lab, at late 2023. These tasks were new and challenging for our team, thus, Sajib worked and solved several important coding independently. Sajib integrated cameras and sensors to ROS middleware and created simulations in RViz and Gabezo applications.. Especially, he worked diligently right to the end of this short-term job.

Matti Kortelainen: I worked with Sajib for a couple of months at the end of 2023 in a project in which we deployed a mobile robot for hospital environments (C-100; Ceterio Ltd, Finland). I mostly played a mentoring role, advising the team towards feasible solutions.
There was a rather steep learning curve, to start programming Robot Operating System (ROS) applications from scratch, but Sajib learned ROS concepts rapidly, gained know-how on central Robotics software like Gazebo and Rviz, solved network management issues, and displayed some computer-aided design skills by editing the digital model of the deployed mobile robot. Sajib also demonstrated commendable work ethics by working late into evenings at the lab after first studying the days at Savonia UAS.