Since October 2023, I’ve been employed at the University of Eastern Finland as a Software Developer Trainee, focusing on the project Acquisition of mobile robots and 5G technology suitable for operating room environments at HUMEA Lab. My tenure lasted until December 31st, 2023. Throughout this period, I engaged with a variety of devices:

  1. Ceterio C-100 Mobile Robot
  2. Ouster LiDAR model OS0
  3. Robosense bpearl LiDAR
  4. Depth Camera D435 - Intel RealSense
  5. Depth Camera D455i - Intel RealSense
  6. Sick 2D Lidar

Within the project, I implemented the Gazebo model of the HUMEA Lab and operated the virtual Autonomous Mobile robot, leveraging SLAM and Navigation stack, I enabled autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and map generation.

Ceterio C-100 at HUMEA Lab

Moreover, the Ceterio C-100 Mobile Robotoffers Docker functionality, wherein each device runs in a separate container. This aspect was particularly intriguing to me as I’m well-versed in Docker, both in rootless and root mode configurations.

Currently, I am working on another project called Development of online robot software environment.